Bethesda gave us a late night snack when it rolled in to E3 showing some new footage of the same.  We made a Wawa run with Bethesda, but instead of getting a meatball sub at 2:00 am, we picked up a bag of chips.  Not that Bethesda’s conference was poor, it just wasn’t what we were expecting and left us wanting more.  Lets take a look at what we saw in BethesdaLand last night.

VR.  Yup.  VR.  VR all of the things!  Bethesda gave us a sneak peak of Fallout 4 in VR and also teased us about Doom coming to VR (so we could all watch a brutal gun stock to a monster’s face in just a little more detail).

Oh, hey.  Do you like adding mods for your games?  What about getting them for free?  Yeah.  Creation Club isn’t that.  Bethesda will start making you spend “credits” on new mods, which is just another crack at an already failed attempt.

We did see some very positive things come from Bethesda, like Evil Within 2 with a street date of October 13th.  Oh…  That’s a Friday this year.  I see what you did there, Bethesda.  The trailer is amazing though.

Wolfenstein is back with a sequel called The New Colossus in which BJ Blazkowicz and crew survive the first game and come back with a full reveal trailer for their October release.

We also got a new Dishonored trailer.  It’s a game, that looks like DLC, based off DLC, but is a game.  We get to travel along with Billie Lurk and Doud in Death of the Outsider on September 15th.

Bethesda also gave us some new Elder Scrolls content with a trailer for Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls Legends gets Skyrim add ins.  We also were told of a Quake: Champions world championship coming up in August at QuakeCon.

Nothing too interesting, but nothing horrible.  Next up is Ubisoft and Sony.  Lets see if they can keep up the trend for E3 2017.

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