Coming from the studio that brought us Code of Princess comes a new fighter called Blade Strangers.  Mixing the fast paced action of Guilty Gear with the input style of Smash Bros, Blade Strangers comes out swinging as one of the best looking 2D fighting games from E3.  Yes, it is up against Dragon Ball Fighters Z from ArcSys, but the art style shows us a strong Japanese influence.

Studio Saizensen created their fighters as 3D models and then converted those into 2D sprites, which is very similar to what ArcSys has done with the more recent Guilty Gear.

Nintendo Everything has received some additional details about the game and some gameplay footage (see below).

– Mission Mode, Versus Mode, Training Mode, and Online Mode
– Mixes dynamic and speed of Guilty Gear and Street Fighter and easy inputs of Smash Bros.
– Characters were made as 3D models, and turned into 2D sprites
– Story Mode will have cut-scenes, characters clashing, etc.
– Story Mode is sort of like a traditional arcade mode
– Mission Mode has you taking on specific tasks
– Training Mode lets you practice with a dummy
– Announcing more characters later
– Stages from the actual games
– Will get updates after release

Blade Strangers is in development for PS4, PC, Switch, and XBox One.

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