Sony Computer Entertainment on Tuesday announced PlayLink, a new mobile gaming service designed to pair the PlayStation 4 with a range of (Android) smartphones and tablets. The company unveiled the platform at the latest iteration of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), with some of its representatives stating that PlayLink is meant to ennoble home entertainment systems without additional investments, providing consumers with more games and ways of playing them by adding mobile devices to the firm’s established gaming formula.

PlayLink will function through a dedicated mobile app that will allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the PS4 and TV, then use it as a controller to play a number of titles designed specifically for Sony’s new gaming solution. Gamers will be able to control PS4 games with cameras and touchscreens, with the company planning to offer them a wide variety of experiences that should cater to a massive audience, Sony said. The first PlayLink game that’s scheduled to be released is titled That’s You! and is a party quiz title for up to six players. Just like its name suggests, That’s You! was designed to help friends test their knowledge of one another and even get to know each other batter. The game will launch on July 4 and will be free for all subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service that costs $9.99 per month or less if you opt for an annual fee.

Another PlayLink game that Sony revealed on Tuesday is Hidden Agenda, an adventure that also supports up to six players and puts them in the middle of a dramatic thriller, tasking them with exploring their surroundings, uncovering clues, and making difficult decisions. The PlayLink library is set to be expanded with SingStar Celebration, Frantics, and Knowledge is Power in the near future, Sony said. All PlayLink games will be part of the PlayStation Plus program and while the company has yet to clarify on the matter, it seems that they won’t be available through any other service. The PlayLink companion app will soon be available for download from the Google Play Store and will likely support the vast majority of contemporary smartphones and tablets.


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