A Google Pixel 2 concept video has emerged on YouTube by DBS Designing.  While this is clearly an artist’s rendition and in no way trying to be an official press render, it’s concept may not be too far off.

In this render, we are shown what is essentially an edge to edge display with very little bezel on the top and bottom of the device, which is something we have seen before in leaked images.  Other components remain like the front facing camera, USB-C charging, and the “G” logo on the rear of the device.

What is missing from the concept is a 3.5mm audio port, similar to Apple’s iPhone or HTC’s most recent device.  This concept adds IP68, which was lacking in the original Pixel.  It also shows off a QHD+ display, vertical rear cameras, and makes the device a touch slimmer.  There are two cut out areas around the USB-C port, suggesting that this render has stereo speakers.  There are two different colors demoed here.  One in black and the other in a silver.  See the video below for the full render.

Written by GeekyHusband

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