Sprint’s latest promo, offering new subscribers unlimited data for a year, comes as a surprise to many, but may be actually as good as it sounds.

While Sprint is keeping quiet on the promo and not airing commercials for this, you may not know how to be eligible for the promo.  You just can’t walk into a Sprint retail location and ask your friendly neighborhood Sprint rep for the special either.  The only way to access the promo is to sign up online here.

While the promo is called “Stop Feeling Ripped-Off by Verizon”, this deal is also for AT&T and T-Mobile customers as well.  Sprint also requires you to bring your own device as well.

You will  get one year of free “Sprint Unlimited” data, which also includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited LTE data, HD streaming video, and 10 gigabytes of data per line for hotspot access per month.  Sprint has said that they can throttle your speeds during peak times, but only once you surpass 23 gigabytes that month.

Officially, the promotion ends on July 31st, 2018.  After that time, Sprint’s regular rates will apply.  You are looking at $60/mo for your first line, $40/mo for your second line, and $30/mo for each additional lines (up to 5 total).

There are no strings attached after the first year.  Since you are bringing your own device, you are not leasing a phone, nor are you signing a contractual agreement, so you are free to leave, but Sprint feels pretty confident that you would want to stay and boast having the least expensive unlimited plan.

You will need to buy a SIM card for $2.99 and pay $10 for overnight shipping.  You need to also pay a $30 activation fee, but will receive a credit for that amount after two billing cycles.

The few other fees that are incorporated are a $1.99 administrative fee, 40 cents for a regulatory fee and “other taxes and fees”.  Sprint requires AutoPay and eBill, which, if canceled, with incur an additional $7.99/mo.

As of now, you will need to have a standard credit check to verify you are a human, but you do not need a specific level of credit to be eligible for this promo.

There are a list of phones that are eligible as of now.  After four months, you will be eligible to get a new device through Sprint on a monthly lease or buying it outright from them directly, but your service will still remain “free”.

Here are the list of eligible devices.

Apple iPhone 5C (Verizon only), 5S (Verizon only), 6/6+, 6S/6S+, 7/7+, SE

Google Nexus 5 (Verizon only), 5X,6, 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL

Motorola E4, Z2 Play, G4, G4 Play, G4 Plus, G5 Plus, X Pure

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Special Edition, S7 Special Edition, S8 Special Edition, S8+ Special Edition.

This promo ends on June 30th, so if you are thinking of switching to the Black and Yellow, you need to act fast.

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