Google has announced an update to their Google Drive for Mac/PC client giving it a new name and new capabilities. On June 28, 2017 the product will become Backup and Sync from Google. In addition to replacing the Google Drive for Mac/PC application, the Google Photos desktop uploader will also be integrated into the new platform. For users who already use Google Drive for Mac/PC, the new application will respect their existing settings.

For those who may not be familiar with Drive for Mac/PC, it is an application that syncs files in specified folders with a user’s Google Drive cloud storage. On the desktop, users would have to save their files in specific folders designed to work with Google Drive. In the other direction, if a file is saved to Google Drive, on the Mac or PC that same file will show up and be available locally once the sync is complete.

With the new Backup and Sync, users will be able to specify files from any location on their desktop to be backed up and synced with their Google Drive cloud space. They no longer have to put the files is specific folders and in theory could backup an entire drive to Drive.

Google also announced a similar product will be released soon for their G Suite enterprise-oriented customers. On that track, the product will be called Drive File Stream and will be more focused on providing a true cloud-based file sharing and storage solution. Until that product is released, enterprise users may be able to use the new Backup and Sync if their G Suite system administrators allow them to install it. However, the upgrade from Google Drive for Mac/PC will not happen automatically.

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