One of the surprises we got today from Google’s hardware event were a pair of bluetooth headphones called Pixel Buds. They’re wired behind the neck but they’re every bit a competitor to Apple’s AirPods.

They’re $159, they’re available in November and they’ll let you understand 40 different languages. Seriously.

The demo onstage that blew everyone’s minds was a live language translation feature. A conversation onstage translating from English to Swedish went off without a hitch. The translations followed about 1-2 seconds after the people finished their sentence. The presenters boasted that it was like “having a personal translator by your side.”

You just have to touch and hold the right earbud and it takes off. You can use touch controls for other things like pausing music and calling up the Assistant.

The device comes in a rechargeable case that allows for 24 hours total battery time and tuns about 5 hours between charges. It comes in the same colors as the Pixel 2: white, black and blue.

via TechCrunch

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