Yesterday, the newest edition to the Mega Man franchise, Mega Man 11 was released, and for it’s super low price point of only $30, it is worth the pick up.  But before you do, if you haven’t already picked up any of the Mega Man collections, you might want to jump on the newest bundle to be released along side of the Blue Bomber’s latest entry.

Capcom announced with the release of Mega Man 11, you can purchase a bundle of both Legacy Collections for the 8-bit genre of titles, both of the Legacy Collections for the “X” series, AND Mega Man 11 for only $60!  That’s a total of…  Carry the 3…  19 games!  Considering that the collections purchased separately from Amazon (retail copies) will total around $110 USD, the $60 price point is well worth it.

The bundle is available through the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store (XBox One) No official word about Steam and Switch bundles as of yet.

The official wording from the site states:

“This ‘mega-bundle’ celebrates the 30th anniversary of Mega Man! This treasure trove includes 19 unforgettable adventures: 8 Mega Man X games and 11 games from the main series, including the newest entry – Mega Man 11!

All of the Legacy Collections and Mega Man 11 are available now from your local retailer or online.

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