On October 30th Toby Fox (under the @Undertale Twitter account) released a series of cryptic messages that told us to “Stay Tuned” for an announcement in 24 hours…

After the much too long 24 hours, we were greeted with a little more context into what Toby Fox was planning.

Deltarune is a new playable chapter in the Toby Fox universe of Undertale. To keep this as spoiler free as possible, the link on where to grab Deltarune and the OST will only be listed here.  A spoiler free and a spoiler full review/showcase/chat will be posted to YouTube in a few days, and the link will be provided through all social media channels.

The only word of advice I have is, as Toby also said, is play Undertale before diving into Deltarune.  You will not have a bad time.


Hey…  Puzzles might be fun.  If you tried them.


You can download Deltarune from here.

You can find the OST for Deltarune Chapter 1 here.

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