As you can see from the time stamp in the screen shot from my phone, it is 1:41PM.  Today is Monday, June 1st. It has been only a few hours since the Vanity Fair cover featuring Bruce Caitlyn Jenner has been announced, and this is our first look at Jenner since his (at the time) interview with Diane Sawyer just last month.


The account, which went live only an hour before writing this post, already has over 427,000 (yes, thousand) followers. To put this in prospective, the Twitter account for The President of the United States (@POTUS) has been live since May 18th and has 2.5 million followers. The President of the United States has 2.5 million in 2 weeks, while now we are looking at 446,000 followers the new Jenner account at 1:49pm, still within the same hour the account was created.


Regardless of your views on Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner (who is one in the same, but not), this shows you just how powerful the internet and social media has become.

At the rate this account is gaining followers, it should surpass the number of followers of one of the leaders of the free world before I even finish this post.

The internet has become one of the most powerful tools we have. Whether it is giving us facts about tigers for a third grade report, or allowing us to connect with loved ones in another part of the world after a natural disaster, we use the internet more than anything else. Think about it. Add the number of minutes, just today, of how long you used a pen. Now, add up the minutes of time you spent on the internet. I’m not a betting man, but I’m almost positive you probably have spent more time just reading this article than you have writing all day so far.

It is up to us to use this tool to the best of our ability. Imagine trying to drive a nail into a piece of wood with a screw driver, or cutting a piece of wood with a hammer. In theory, it can be done, but is it the most efficient?

Caitlyn was able to use social media to get the world to know the new her. Maybe the fact of her past of who she was and who she was associated with have her this large following so fast, but that started with the internet as well.

We all know damn well why the Kardashians are popular, and it isn’t because the are the most intellectual group of K’s in the world. Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Kloe, Kendall, and Kylie (and everyone else) are the worst group starting with the letter K besides the…  Well, besides the obvious.

Now, that’s just this writer’s opinion, but that’s another beautiful thing about the internet. I can voice my opinion and rant and rave about whatever I like, and you can openly flame me for that. Again though, we need to make sure we learn to use this to our advantage and work harder, not smarter.

And this is the power of the internet. I am able to write about absolutely nothing, post it to Twitter and Facebook, and continue about my day. Just as you chose to read this.

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