“If I won the lottery, I would buy____.” We all have had those moments where we all dream of some of the crazy purchases we would make if we “only had the money”. Here are some of our top money wasters for July.

1. Replica Mega Man Helmet


This amazing work of art is a limited run direct from Capcom. You can pretend that you are the robot in blue battling Dr. Wily all while scaring neighborhood kids with your blaster. The helmet will set you back $150, but is worth every penny. Preorder yours here.

2. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collectors’ Edition


Running, jumping, climbing trees, putting on make up… Wait… This isn’t an Eddie Izzard skit about squirrels… This is about Faith, the heroine from Mirror’s Edge. Just announced, you can pick up your collectors’ edition of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for a mere $199.99! This is a more expensive edition than we have seen in a while, but it comes with your very own Faith statue and a steelbook as well as concept art and a lithograph. Preorder yours where ever you get your games from before they run out.

3. Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition


This edition will set you back around $130, but you get your own god damned Pipboy. Enough said. Preorders for most locations have run out, so I hope you got yours in.

4. Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Mug


This mug from Entertainment Earth is available for preorder right now, and you can feel like you are ultimately the ruler of the universe. Just watch out for your cube neighbor. He just purchased an Avengers logo mug, and now the two of you may have to battle for the Infinity Stones. Preorder yours here.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Juggernog Edition


Call of Duty is at it again with its yearly shooter. In the past, Activision has come out with several different editions for the game, and the top of the line has always had something good. From an RC car to a tactical camera, these editions always seem to please. This year doesn’t let down, either. The Juggernog edition comes with an actual mini fridge! The fridge is said to hold 12 12oz cans, so pack your favorite brew or soda into this and get ready for next year’s Prestige edition that will come with a porta-potty! Preorder this from your favorite retailer, but be aware, this will set you back $200.

Let us know what you are looking to waste your money on and you may see it in an upcoming edition of Shut Up and Take My Money.

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