One of the most pleasing moments in any Zelda game is opening up a map you just received, and baring witness to the layout of the world you’re about to dive into and explore. It gives us a sense of adventure, and prepares us for the long journey ahead. Once we’ve eventually finished the game, we can look back at the map with fond, or not so fond (I’m looking at you water temple), memories of areas we passed throughout our quest.

A certain installment in the The Legend of Zelda franchise literally dives us head-first into the game’s map in the opening cutscene. Yes, I am indeed speaking of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Many a Zelda fan holds this game in such high regard, that they could even draw the game’s map without having to look at a source image once. Some fans took it a step further though.

The great folks over at JADSDSEngine have created an HTML5 based live map of A Link to the Past‘s overworld, which can be viewed entirely in your browser. What makes the project so impressive though is that it’s not only a complete map of the game’s overworld, but that you can see enemies like chuchus or octorocks roaming around in their specific areas. The map was created using the aformentioned JADSDS Engine, which is “a friendly tag based JavaScript animator created [to] make easier web projects using the power of HTML5,” and the project was made as an example of what someone could do with the engine.

The past week it’s had a very large amount of traffic after a user named fonikz posted the website to Nintendo’s subreddit. Following the large flock of people visiting the page, many had been unable to view the map in its entirety, but the website is now stable and the map can be viewed without any difficulties.

The full map can be viewed here. What do you think of the map? Would you like to see more of these creations? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: JADSDS

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