Ready for an interesting twist? This is the Galaxy S8 that Samsung will announce at the end of the month. An unnamed individual took multiple images of the phone in plum.

Well, this could actually be just a prototype and probably is just a prototype. We say that because there’s a coat of paint over the phone and it’s highly unlikely for the company offer its 2017 flagship in plum.

Here’s the leaked device, courtesy of KK Sneak 

Most of the things we’ve heard about its design are holding up true in these images, but the color shown is a little different. Samsung rarely sells its phones in unique colors. Other companies don’t use plum too often either. Usually it’s black, white/grey, and gold for flagships and non-flagships. So we’re thinking this is a prototype that, while giving a clear look at the body, doesn’t reflect a color option consumers will get to choose.

If there is a plum-colored Galaxy S8 in the works, Samsung will unveil it on March 29 in New York City at an Unpacked event.

Source: KK Sneak Leaks (Twitter)

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