XBox One X.  Thanks for reading the article.


No, but really.  Was anyone paying attention after that?  Articles, tweets, Facebook posts, you name it, were flying rampant while Microsoft announced their newest iteration of the XBox One lineup.  We all knew it was coming.  We heard hard rumors about price (see Geoff Keighley Twitter posts).  We knew 4K.  We knew the power (insert a flop joke here).


But what we didn’t see coming was the introduction of original XBox games coming the the Backward Compatibility list, starting with Crimson Skies.

We also saw Phil Spencer announce that Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2 and Minecraft will get 4k updates for Xbox One X for free, along with 30 other titles that’ll get free Xbox One X updates including FFXV, RE7, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Rocket League.  Awesome!

To add to that, we saw Microsoft come out swinging with new software.  The first being Forza Motorsport 7.  Microsoft boasts that Forza will run at 60 fps in true, native 4K.  We will see the release for this on October 3rd on PC and XBox One, and a “Holiday 2017” release for the XBox One X.

We saw also saw Metro Exodus (release in 2018), Assassin’s Creed Origins (10/17), and a ton of other awesome titles coming soon.

Did you like the classic Starship Troopers? I’m talking the original.  Not those awful sequels….  Oh, you did?  Check out Deep Rock Galactic.

We also saw trailers for State of Decay 2, and got word of Minecraft becoming cross-platform “tablets, VR, Windows 10 PCs and consoles.”

Arc System Works made a pop in with an amazing Dragon Ball Z fighting game with the flavor of Guilty Gear and Blazblue (one of my favorite fighting game series).

One of the most anticipated games for GeekyHusband is Cuphead.  A game about, you guessed it…  A cartoon figure with a cup as a head.  We saw this announced at E3 last year, but we received a release date teaser pointing to September 29th.  This is already preordered.

With ID @ XBox, Microsoft is able to bring high quality indie games to a major console platform.  Osiris: New Dawn, Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Raiders of the Broken Planet, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Unruly Heroes, Fortnite, Battlerite, Surviving Mars, Fable Fortune, Observer, Robocraft Infinity, Dunk Lords, Minion Masters, Brawlout,A sizzle trailer debuted many titles such as, Ooblets, Dark and Light, Strange Brigade, Riverbond, Hello Neighbor, Shift, and Conan Exiles.

We also saw Ashen (a Dark Souls-esque title), Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and an over the top (as that wasn’t expected) Terry Crews Crackdown 3 trailer.

The successor to Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, made an appearance with Gareth Coker playing music live from the new game.

During all of this madness from Microsoft, we were finally able to see some gameplay of Sea of Thieves.  In Rare’s new open world game demo, players have to follow a map to track down treasure while trying to stay out of (and running into) trouble.

Microsoft came out swinging and displayed a lot more than what you see here.  We have several more days of E3 coverage and news coming to you, so we will see even more that will titillate your gaming needs.  Making you want…  Need…  Crave…  More.

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